A14 Bar Hill – new westbound slip onto A14

Bar Hill WB SlipThe latest change to traffic movements at Bar Hill is due to be implemented on the morning of Sunday 9th December at approximately 6am.

This will see the opening of a new westbound on slip.  The new slip road will run off the road that takes traffic from the village over the bridge towards Longtstanton and the eastbound on slip road.  It will then divert motorists in front of the old Lolworth services from where they filter onto the A14. ( Please see attached plan)

This will allow for removal of the current temporary slip road and to begin construction work in this area.

The eastbound entry slip will be unaffected as will the westbound and eastbound exit slip roads.

Please also note that there will be no right turn onto this slip road from Longstanton direction.  If motorists are travelling from Longstanton direction and wish to travel westbound. They will have to negotiate the island at Bar Hill and travel back towards the slip road.

Plan of new slip road