A14 – Update re Overnight Closures

A14 SignOn Mon 2nd July the A14 Team held a meeting on their site at Swavesey junction for Parish Cllrs from villages alongside this section of the roadworks, two from each Parish were invited.  Two Cllrs attended from Swavesey.

The report we have received this week from the A14, with notes from the meeting is as follows:

“Thank you all for attending the meeting on Monday night. From feedback I think most people found this an extremely useful format for exchanging ideas and suggestion solution’s to issues. We explained the actions we are already taking and I will circulate a document evidencing when it has been finalised.

We captured the main points raised on a flip chart and these are listed below.

Main issues

  • Vehicles (generally HGV’s) failing to follow official diversion routes
  • HGV vehicles failing to comply with weight restrictions where they are already in force
  • HGV vehicles breaking 40mph speed limits in traffic managed areas
  • Confusing diversion routes.
  • Sub-contractor vehicles using village roads and not following official haul routes.
  • Degradation of village roles due to diverting vehicles.

Potential Solutions suggested.

  • Better advance signage on major trunks roads
  • Better use of VMS signs in the locality.
  • Use of Speedwatch kit to be purchased via the A14
  • Clearer signs, removing symbols and replacing with appropriate wording.(A14 east/west)
  • A14 to staff to check signage on drive through of diversion routes  to ensure accuracy( This action has commenced)
  • A14 staff to monitor village roads for sub-contractors( this action has commenced)
  • Contact and dialogue with Road Haulage Association and other driver groups. (This was already in action before meetin)
  • Temporary speed cameras in villages
  • Use of unsuitable for HGV signs at village entrances during closures.
  • Cone off entrances to villages (this is not lawful)
  • Dialogue with VOSA
  • Increased Police presence to enforce weight limits ( Derek Crosby (Police) did explain that while he was not able to guarantee this he would ask that it be tasked out )
  • Enforcement of speeding fines.( this is already being undertaken and drivers prosecuted)
  • Greater use of community Speedwatch to educate drivers.

We will take these ideas away and where we can put them into action and report back to you by the end of this month.”

The Parish Council contacted the A14 Team again on Monday this week to bring to their attention all of the comments on the Village Life page following the overnight closure on Sunday 8th and asked again about additional signage at the slip roads in the Swavesey area of the A14, to tell HGVs of narrow roads and unsuitable access.  To-date we have not yet had a reply as to whether this will be in place before the next closures.