Basketball and Table Tennis on the Green

Basketball 29-06-2017, 16 19 55Two new pieces of sports equipment have now been installed on the recreation green – a permanent table tennis table and a triple games wall, which includes basketball, football goal, cricket wicket and target wall.

The equipment has been provided following an approach to the Parish Council from three teenage boys last spring – Owen Mullee, Nathan Mott and Tommy Mott, who wanted something for teenagers to be able to use on the green, other than kicking a football around!  Although of course the equipment is there for everyone of all ages to use.  Owen, Nathan and Tommy researched various basketball and sports facilities in other local villages plus types of equipment available from manufacturers and together with input from the Parish Council a few options were costed up.  With the amount of football pitches on the green, it was not easy to work out where something could be installed without it being too close to pitch side lines, too near to the road or hidden from view, which is why the triangular triple unit was the decided option.

The equipment was purchased using S106 outdoor community facility funds received from some of the recent house building in the village.

Some additional lighting will be installed on the Community Pavilion to light up the table tennis table, so that in the winter afternoons it will be still be possible to use the equipment after School.

Both units have been provided with a permeable play surface surround to stop the grass becoming worn and muddy.  However please could you note that this surface is not suitable to play on with football boots, studs or heeled shoes as these will damage it.  Trainers or soft soled shoes only please.

We hope you all enjoy using these new facilities and the Parish Council would like to thank Owen, Nathan and Tommy for approaching them with their ideas and for their help in researching what could be provided.

Cricket wall 29-06-2017, 16 24 35 (1) Target wall 23-06-2017, 10 17 23 Table tennis 29-06-2017, 16 28 25