BT Red Telephone Kiosks

bt-red-kioskThe Parish Council has agreed with BT to purchase the two red phone kiosks, which BT is decommissioning, on High Street and Boxworth End, as many other parishes across the Country have done.

We are now looking for your ideas as to how to use them within the community.

Many have been turned into mini libraries and book swaps, however we have a charity Library Access Point already in the village, at the Village College, and would not like to detract from that facility so perhaps not a book swap.

Another proposal is to turn them into galleries for local history of the village and to promote the Meridian Line which runs right through the village, particularly as both boxes are very close to the Meridian Line.  Perhaps a project involving children, the Camera Club, the History Society might be possible?

Your thoughts on this and any other sensible suggestions please would be most welcome.

Please send them to  by Friday 15th September 2017

Swavesey Parish Council