Community Speedwatch

speedwatch_signA group of residents, working with the Parish Council, have set up a Community Speedwatch group in the village, to monitor speeds of vehicles through the village and to help raise awareness of speed and community safety.

Loan of the equipment has now been arranged and you should see some speedwatch sessions taking place around the village in the next couple of weeks.

A number of possible sites where the group can set up have recently been approved by the Police.  Due to the narrow nature of much of the main road and footpaths through the village, it has been difficult to find suitable locations which do not block the footpath and which give suitable advance warning of the activity.  Where possible the sessions will be set up on grass verges and wider footpaths so that access along the footpath or to/from a property is not blocked in any way.

In some areas the potential locations will be close to  property entrance/driveways. If you have any concerns or questions about Speedwatch setting up close to your driveway, please contact the Parish Council on

Speedwatch sessions will only take place for short periods of time and the operators will all be local residents and will be very mindful about not blocking any access to or from any driveway during their session.

We hope that you will be supportive of this initiative and please do contact us if you have any questions about where the sessions are taking place.

Thank you for your support.