Could you help the Neighbourhood Plan Group ?

logoDo you have a few hours in which you could help the Swavesey Neighbourhood Plan Group?  We wish to put together a Character Assessment document.

Your help is needed please to take part in a small working group to put together a Character Assessment document on Swavesey Parish to provide supporting evidence for the Neighbourhood Plan.

A Character Assessment describes the distinct appearance and feel of a settlement. It communicates the key physical features and characteristics that combine to give an area its distinctiveness and unique identity. By preparing a character assessment to describe the settlement, this can be used by developers to understand the local area. This in turn will help to progress sensitively designed proposals, in keeping with the feel and appearance of the local area. More information can be found here:  Character Assessment – How_to_prepare

Please email if you would like to be a part of this working group to put together the Character Assessment.