Dog Waste Bin Locations

Dog waste binAs a useful guide for dog owners we’ve produced a couple of maps detailing the locations of all the dog bins in the village.  They are widely placed around the village so there’s no excuse for not clearing up after your dog on the streets and in particular on the Recreation Green.  Please report any issues (broken/missing/missing collections) to SCDC.

Dog waste bin locations – south         Dog waste bin locations – north

Dog waste bins north


Due to the amount of dog waste that is not cleared up on the Recreation Green, the Parish Council is now investigating Dog Control Orders, with a view to either restricting access for dogs on the recreation green by only allowing them on designated areas and how to strengthen enforcement action on owners who do not clear up after their dogs.  The recreation green is regularly used for football and the players and members often have to clear up dog mess before games can take place.

Please clear up after your dog.  Thank you.


Dog waste bins south