Guided Busway – Route B – repair works

BuswayMidnight Friday 20th October until 18.00 on Sunday 29th October

Works need to be carried out to repair defects within the Orchard Park area of the Busway. To enable repairs to the crossing points of the Busway with Iceni Way, Chariot Way, Chieftain Way and Graham Road the nature of the works will require a full closure of The Busway within the whole Orchard Park section of the route from midnight on Friday 20th October until 18.00 on Sunday 29th October. The half term week has been chosen as the least disruptive for commuting passengers. We will also take this opportunity to carry out other maintenance work in this area including white lining, hedge cutting and replacement of bollards.

The Orchard Park East and West stops in both directions will be closed on these dates and times and closure signs have been placed at these stops. The maintenance track will remain open to pedestrians and cyclists all week. All buses will still be running with the A, C, R, N , D and Universal services unaffected.

The B service will stop on the Citi 8 bus stop on Cambridge road in bound and outbound. All other stops remain unaffected.