Planning Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month. Meetings are cancelled when there are no applications or planning related business to discuss.  Agendas and Minutes are listed at the end of this page.

Housing Development Locations Jan 2017Below are the major proposals for residential development that the village has/is being consulted on, all outside of the village development boundary:

  • Land at 18 Boxworth End 30 new dwellings. Parish Council’s objections   Permission granted for this on 12th May 2016 by The Planning Inspectorate.  Despite refusal by South Cambs District Council and the Parish Council.  Further information
  • Land south of Whitton Close/west of 130 Middlewatchup to 70 new dwellings, Swavesey Ventures Ltd.  Permission REFUSED  The application can be viewed via the District Council’s planning search website at   Search for Planning application ref: S/1605/16/OL. Further information
    • This application has now been submitted to APPEAL  Ref: APP/W0530/W/16/3165562  The Appeal is still in progress, awaiting decision.
    • South Cambs District Council’s Planning Committee 2nd Nov 2016:  Decision Notice  The published decision of the SCDC Planning Committee for this application is:  S/1605/16/OL – SWAVESEY (LAND TO THE R/O 130 MIDDLE WATCH) The Committee refused the application, contrary to the recommendation in the report from the Head of Development Management. Members agreed the reason for refusal as being that, notwithstanding the proposal in the emerging Local Plan to upgrade Swavesey to a Minor Rural Settlement, there were significant infrastructure capacity issues (such as educational, drainage, highway and medical) because of cumulative development within the village, giving rise to concerns about sustainability.
    • Exhib of plans – poster: Thurs 14th July, Memorial Hall, High St, 5pm-7pm
    • Parish Council’s objections returned to SCDC 19th July 2016
    • Primary School objections
  • Land south of Whitton Close/west of 130 Middlewatchup to 70 new dwellings, Swavesey Ventures Ltd.  A NEW application has now been submitted for further consultation.  Ref: S/0053/17/OL up to 70 dwellings comprising 42 market and 28 affordable units, public open space, children’s play area, associated landscaping and new access.
    • Swavesey Parish Council reiterated its objections to this application at its Planning Meeting on Thurs 9th February 2017, 7.30pm in the Memorial Hall.
    • This application will be considered by the SCDC Planning Committee on Weds 5th April 2017
  • Land south of Fen Drayton Road/Gibraltar Lane up to 99 new dwellings.  Bloor Homes Ltd, Permission REFUSED.  The application can be viewed via the District Council’s planning search website at   Search for Planning Ref: S/1027/16/OL   Further information
    • South Cambs District Council’s Planning Committee 11th Jan 2017: Decision Notice   The published decision of the SCDC Planning Committee for this application is:  The proposed development is considered to represent unsustainable development by virtue of the cumulative impact of the additional population growth on the capacity of services and facilities in the village and due to the constrained width of the existing public highway the proposed means of pedestrian access would not provide a safe route to and from the Village College and access to the services and facilities within Swavesey village.
    • Exhib of plans – poster: Thurs 26th May, Memorial Hall, High St, 3.30pm-7pm
    • Parish Council’s objections returned to SCDC 31st May 2016.
    • Village College objections
    • Primary School objections
  • Land south of Fen Drayton Road/Gibraltar Lane – up to 99 new dwellings.  Bloor Homes Ltd.  A NEW application has been submitted to SCDC for consultation.  Ref: S/0862/17/OL. The application is essentially the same as the first (which was refused) however a new footpath is proposed along the south side of Fen Drayton Road, linking to the footpath in Gibraltar Lane.  This is in response to the objections raised by CCC Highways to the first application.  A raised junction table is also proposed at the Gibraltar Lane/School Lane junction.
    • Parish Council will discuss this new application at its meeting on Mon 27th March, 7.30pm, Memorial Hall.
  • Land north of Fen Drayton Rd/West of Moat Way56 new dwellings.  Laragh Homes Ltd 56 new homes on land north of Home Close/west of Moat Way.  Planning application now out for consultation Ref: S/0525/17/FL. Full details can be viewed via the South Cambs Planning website at
    • An exhibition of draft proposals was held on Tues 1st Nov 2016, 3.30pm-7.30pm, Memorial Hall, High St.  exhibition-leaflet
    • Parish Council discussed and raised objections to the application at its Planning Meeting on Thurs 9th March, 7pm Memorial Hall.
  • Land east of Boxworth End (Dairy Farm) – up to 90 new dwellings.  Gladman Developments application for up to 90 homes and open space land on the Dairy Farm site between Boxworth End and the Ramper Rd. Planning application now registered and out for consultation  Ref: S/3391/16/OL   Go to to search for the documents.


An explanation of why these proposals are coming through and what the Local Plan situation is can be found here…

Cambridge News article from Chairman of Swavesey Parish Council

When responding in objection to a planning application, ‘Material Planning Considerations’ are taken into account in the decision.  Examples of material considerations can be found here…..

CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England)  Swavesey Parish Council is a member of the CPRE    ‘How To Respond To Planning Applications

District Council’s Planning Policy Monthly Update  February 2017

A Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council is very concerned over the number of major planning developments being proposed for Swavesey and as the District Council’s Local Plan is not yet in force, the village development boundary is not working to restrict future development of the village.  The Parish Council has now started the process of a Neighbourhood Plan for the village which will allow the community to draw up policies and plans to help control the future development of Swavesey.  Please see our dedicated Neighbourhood Plan webpage for further information and if you would like to be involved with this project please contact the Parish Council.

Swavesey Parish Plan

In 2008 a Parish Plan for Swavesey was published, following extensive consultation with residents.
Parish Plan 2008    In 2013 a further consultation took place and an update to the Plan was published.
Data Analysis Report 2013       Parish Plan Updated – Report to Parish Council Adopted 2013

Future Development of Swavesey – A Parish Council Statement
Approved by Full Council at meeting on 22nd February 2016

Overall the Council wishes to see no change to the village development framework boundary, to retain the current level of dwellings, help maintain the existing level of services and infrastructure  and to help prevent future risk to flooding as there is a high proportion of flood plain land surrounding the village.

Many village services are close to if not already at capacity: primary school, village college, doctors surgery.

However, the Parish Council would support small scale affordable housing development.  In particular development which can give priority to those who already have a connection to Swavesey, to enable them to either purchase or rent a home in the village.

The Parish Council agrees that in South Cambridgeshire, village framework boundaries should be retained as well as the current approach by South Cambs District Council to restrict development outside of framework boundaries as defined on the Proposals Map.


Minutes of Parish Council Planning Meetings


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Planning proposals for residential development    Public Meeting 23/11/16 Poster    public-meeting-23-11-16-notes
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Copies of documents prior to the above dates can be obtained from the Clerk to the Council contact