Mick George lorries through the village

Mick George lorryThe Parish Council has noted recent comments and concerns from residents about the number of Mick George lorries currently travelling in both directions through the village.  Having made enquiries the current situation is as follows.

Planning permission for a waste transfer station at Middle Fen Drove was first granted in 2001 to Dawson Plant Hire.  This was extended in 2006 to cover the operation on the site and is therefore tied to the land not a company.  We understand the site & the company Dawson Plant Hire Ltd has recently been sold and the conditions to operate still apply and remain the same.

The planning permission conditions include restrictions to the working times: 7am-6pm Mon-Fri and 8am-1pm Saturdays, but not to the number of vehicle movements to and from the site.  There are also Environment Agency conditions and restrictions on aspects of the operation such as noise, dust, hours of operation, etc.

Mick George lorries are currently clearing the piles of inert builders waste on the site and have put a voluntary limit in place to take up to 30 loads per day, probably until approx. mid-July however, the site will continue to operate as a commercial business thereafter with similar vehicle movements on a daily basis (i.e. skip waste transfer operations including skip lorries and waste collection vehicles using the site).

Cambs County Council’s Planning, Minerals and Waste Officers are monitoring the site, its operation and make regular visits to check that operation is within the planning permission, which it all is currently.

The permission to continue to operate as it always has is still in place and no applications have been made to vary it as far as we are aware.  If any are made we will keep residents informed.