Neighbourhood Plan


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?

Neighbourhood Plans set out the vision for an area (either a whole parish or a part of one) and the planning policies needed to guide and manage development according to the wishes of the local community rather than stop it.  More detailed information about Neighbourhood Plans can be found at

Why are we doing it?

Developing a Neighbourhood Plan will help our community play a greater role in shaping the future of our area. It will bring together local residents, businesses, local groups, landowners and developers to share ideas and build consensus about how the local community can develop to benefit residents, local services and businesses. Areas with adopted Neighbourhood Plans will also be entitled to a larger share of any Community Infrastructure Levy to put towards infrastructure projects to benefit the community.

Steering Group

The Steering Group for the Neighbourhood Plan has now been set up and consists of:
Officers:   Chairman – Chas Barclay;  Vice-Chair – Vicki Bidwell;  Parish Council Liaison – Doug Hunt;  Finance – Lynsey Newbery
Clerk – Linda Miller
Steering Group Members:  Jonathan Adams, Peter Fuller, Richard Hart, Glyn Jones, Martin Johnston, Malcolm Parker, Selwyn Richardson, Sue Rogers, Sandie Smith, Sharon Sumner, Peter Wilderspin, Will Wright
Residents who are unable to commit to regular Steering Group Meetings will be kept informed of meetings and focus groups via email and through this page and the Village Planning facebook page.  All meetings are open to anyone to attend to join and take part or just listen in.

Steering Group meetings will take place on the first Monday each month, 7pm (except for bank holidays when the meeting will be on the second Monday)

Next Meeting date:  Monday 4th March 2019, 7pm   Agenda 04-03-19    Notes from the previous meetings can be found further down this page.


Consultation & Engagement Events

Information on the various events we have attended and workshops held can be found below:

Comments from the Engagement Events we held and attended during 2018 can be found here:Have Your Say
Event 1 – Mayfest May 2018 comments      Event 2 – Compass Cafe comments May 2018
Event 3 – Thistle Green community comments May 2018          Event 4 – Swavesey Womens Institute comments June 2018
Event 5 – Swavesey PTA Fete comments June 2018     Event 6 – Swavesey Festival Gala Day comments July 2018


Village Design Statement Project

A very successful Character Mapping Workshop was held on Friday 28th September, with the consultants working with us and South Cambs District Council.  A further workshop will be arranged in early November, this time on a Saturday, to hopefully enable more residents to attend and take part in this project.VDS Agenda

We are really pleased to have been chosen (Aug 2018) by South Cambs District Council as one of a group of Parishes they will be working with to write up Village Design Statements.

A Village Design Statement (VDS) describes the distinctive character of the village and sets out guidelines for how this should be enhanced by new developments. It helps communities and planners shape the character of new development in an area, in response to community priorities.

A  Village Design Statement is:

  • a collaboration between a village community and the planning authority.
  • design focused – looking at how buildings, streets, spaces landscape and materials come together to create areas with distinctive identity and character.
  • a forward-looking document – aiming to make new development the best quality it can be, enhancing your village.
  • a way to provide more locally specific detail, which is consistent with other policies within the Local Plan.

A Village Design Statement is not:

  • a way of proposing new development sites in an area. It is not a plan making document.
  • a means to stop new development – it is a tool to help assess how new planning applications can enhance the character of your area.
  • a neighbourhood plan or parish plan – it can be cross-referenced within one of those plans, but it will be a separate document adopted as an SPD.
  • a conservation area appraisal or a heritage assessment. The quality of historic buildings may form part of the assessment of what makes your village distinctive, but the focus is on the character of the village now and in the future, not what has happened in the past.

February 2019 – We are now at the draft stage of the project, with the NH Plan Steering Group reviewing the draft Design Statement with the architects.  The Group is pleased with the results to-date and the final Design Statement should be available within in the next couple of months.

Please email  if you would like to be involved with this project.


NH Plan Workshop – 19th Feb 2018, 7pm, Swavesey Memorial Hall       Notes from Scoping Workshop

Led by the NH Planning Officer at Cambridgeshire ACRE, together with two Planning Consultants and funded by a MyCommunity Grant, this workshop was held to help the Group move forward on more detailed consultation with stakeholders in the village and identify the main headings in order to start drafting policies to be included in the Plan.

Documents as a background to the workshop:   Swavesey_Demographic Socio Economic Review          Swavesey Neighbourhood Plan – Policy Context version 2.0


Pre-consultation Survey

During 2017 a Pre-consultation Survey was completed to help find out the most important issues and concerns relating to a Neighbourhood Plan from residents in the village and their thoughts on future development of the village.  This data is to be used to help the steering group to work out which policies need to be written to include in the Plan and will feed into additional consultation during 2018.  The survey closed on 30th September 2017.  The survey was only intended to gain comments from a representative sample of residents and the survey results are now published here:  Analysis of the 2017 Swavesey survey FINAL


Agendas and Notes from the meetings will be posted in the list below.  The next Steering Group meeting will be on Mon 4th March 2019, 7pm, Venue to be confirmed.

Steering Group Terms of Reference

Agendas                               Notes

Agenda 04-02-19
No Steering Group meeting in January 2019
Agenda 03-12-18              Notes – 03-12-18
Agenda 01-10-18
              Notes – 01-10-18
Agenda 03-09-18
             Notes – 03-09-18
No Steering Group meeting in August 2018
Agenda 02-07-18              Notes – 02-07-18
Agenda 04-06-18
              Notes – 04-06-18
Agenda 14-05-18               Notes – 14-05-18
Agenda 09-04-18
              Notes – 09-04-18
Agenda 05-03-18
              Notes – 05-03-18
Agenda NHP Workshop 19-02-18
No Steering Group meeting in February 2018
Agenda 08-01-18             Notes – 08-01-18
No Steering Group meeting held in December 2017
Agenda 06-11-17
               Notes – 06-11-17
Agenda 02-10-17
              Notes – 02-10-17
Agenda 04-09-17
              Notes – 04-09-17
Agenda 07-08-17
              Notes – 07-08-17
Agenda 03-07-17              Notes – 03-07-17
Agenda 05-06-17              Notes – 05-06-17
Agenda 08-05-17              Notes – 08-05-17
Agenda 03-04-17
              Notes – 03-04-17
Agenda 06-03-17              Notes – 06-03-17
Agenda 06-02-17              Notes – 06-02-17
Agenda 19-01-17               Notes – 19-01-17

Draft documents for your information:   Project Plan v0.2

If you would like to be involved with the working group please contact us.  We will be contacting all local businesses, community groups and services to be consultees during the drafting of the various policies.
Email:             Project Gantt v0.7

Background information


Plan Area Designation

In October 2016 the Parish Council approved the recommendation from the working group to designate the whole Parish as the Plan area.  An application was then submitted to South Cambs District Council for approval. Plan Area application form   South Cambs District Council approved the designation of the Neighbourhood Area for Swavesey on 23rd November 2016.  The area is defined by the Parish Boundary, shown in blue on the map.

What could our Neighbourhood Plan include?parish-boundary

  • Identifying possible sites for housing, including affordable housing
  • Restricting certain types of development
  • Flood protection measures
  • Provision for businesses to set up or expand in the parish
  • Provision of cycle ways and footpaths
  • Identifying sites for community use such as schools, village halls, health centre, leisure facilities
  • Protection and creation of open space, green amenity areas, nature reserves, allotments and play areas
  • Protection of important local buildings and other historical assets

Who is involved?

The whole Parish is involved. A Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been established to drive the Plan forward and to work with Consultees. This group will help to draft a detailed village questionnaire and write up policies to be included in the Plan.  With grant funding, a professional Planning Consultant will be appointed to assist. At the end of the process there will be a village referendum to vote on the Plan.

It is your Plan and we need your help to generate a Plan that ensures Swavesey will develop according to the wishes of residents.

How long does it take and how much will it cost?

There is no timescale for producing a Neighbourhood Plan however other parishes have taken from 2 to 3 years to produce a Plan. The costs are dependent on the timescales but are estimated at £12K with £9K of grants available.

What will it be used for?

Once such a Plan is made and adopted, it will become a statutory document carrying equal weight to the South Cambs Local Plan and will be part of the Local Development Framework. This will mean that it will be used when any planning application decision is made by both the Parish and South Cambs District Councils.

A Neighbourhood Plan is a Community not a Parish Council document therefore the Plan needs the input of everyone from the community.

If you would like to be involved with the working group please contact us.  We will be contacting all local businesses, community groups and services to be consultees during the drafting of the various policies.

Swavesey Parish Council        Email:       Tel: 01954 202982

Neighbourhood Plan Privacy Notice

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