Parish Council Elections May 2018

ElectionsElections for the 11 seats on Swavesey Parish Council will be held on 3rd May this year, along with the election for South Cambs District Councillor for the Swavesey Ward. Please note that a Parish Council election will only happen if 12 or more nominations are received.  If anyone is interested in standing for election to the parish council, please contact the parish office for a nomination form, or alternatively please contact South Cambridgeshire District Council, Electoral Services:

South Cambridgeshire District Council
South Cambridgeshire Hall
Cambourne Business Park
CB23 6EA
Tel: 01954 713287

Please note that nomination forms have to be returned to the Returning Officer at SCDC  BY HAND  by 4pm on Friday 6th April 2018.

Timetable (Parish) May 2018

More information on what is involved in being a Parish Councillor can be found here:  Parish Council Election – Meridian Feb-Mar 2018    About Swavesey Parish Council