Ramper Rd 40mph ‘Buffer Zone’

40mph signThe Parish Council has been successful in securing funding from Cambs County Council to install a 40mph ‘buffer zone’ speed limit on Ramper Rd between the residential area and the double bends.  It is hoped this will help to slow vehicles down as they approach the village so that they enter the residential area within the 30mph limit and for more safety around the double bends.  3-2-1 rumble strips, new 40mph signage, 30mph roundels and ‘SLOW’ in the road plus new white lining will all be provided. Carriageway repairs around the double bends will be carried out prior to the installation, however this will necessitate a road closure to carry out the works.  We have no dates yet, these will be posted here as soon as we know them.  As well as this work, some additional safety work will be carried out around the Uttons Drove junction, to include renewal of the white lining around the bends near Highfield Farm Cottage and installation of reflective bollards and larger chevrons in this area. Proposals plan