Thomas Galon Charity

The Object of the Charity

In 1528 Thomas Galon of Wilburton died and in his Will he gave instructions that the income from the land he owned in Swavesey should be distributed each year to:  “inhabitants of the town of Swavesey aforesaid, for the relief, ease and discharge of all persons, husband-labourers and poor craftsmen dwelling in the town and not having lands or tenements or goods to the value of £20 and receiving no relief from the Parish.”
To carry out his wishes, he stated that twelve Feoffees (trustees) be appointed.

Today the Charity receives its income from the tenancies of agricultural land around the village and under a revised Charity Scheme from 1972 (Registered Charity No.202515), the Trustees can consider a request from any organisation that provides a service to Swavesey residents in need and can also themselves offer help in a variety of ways to any individual resident, young or old in the community.

The Trustees also administer an annual Energy Grant Scheme for elderly residents in need, which, on application, provides a payment towards winter heating costs.

The charity trustees can be contacted via the Clerk: Mrs Linda Miller
Tel: 01954 202982          Email:

Energy Grant Scheme – application form

Galon Charity – Application form

Trustees are:
Mr A Day (Chairman)
Rev J Anderson
Mr B Baker
Mr J Dodson
Mr R Holland
Mr D Morgan
Ms H Parish
Mr J Shepperson
Mr W Wright

History of Charity

Annual Report 2016
Annual Report 2015
Annual Report 2014
Annual Report 2013  

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