Tree Maintenance and Succession Planning

Swavesey Parish Council will be carrying out maintenance work to some of the Parish Trees on Market Street Green and the Recreation Green over the next couple of months.
New trees to replace older ones to be felled will also be planted in early spring.

The work being planned is as follows. If you wish to make any comments, please could you contact us before 25th January 2019.


Market Street Green
G005E-1-11062018Two trees to the north side of Market Street Green are to be felled. They are very old and have a lot of deadwood within them, with no signs of new growth during last year, having been pruned earlier in the year. Originally a group of three trees, one was felled in February 2018.

A line of new trees will be planted along the north boundary of the Green in the spring, to replace the felled trees and to complete a circle of trees around the entire boundary of the Green.

The replacement trees have not yet been chosen but will be ornamental native trees to give blossom and leaf colour throughout the season.

Also, three new benches are to be provided to replace three which have rotted or collapsed.



Recreation Green

A small, dead Cherry tree at the far eastern end of the Recreation Green is to be felled.T023 27082018
An Oak Tree, grown here in Swavesey by a local resident, will be planted to replace the felled tree.








Photo 02-11-2018, 09 43 28

The line of trees and shrubs along the north boundary, between the Turnbridge footpath and Brick Kiln Drove footpath, is to be thinned and tidied.

Nine specimen Limes will be retained however the shrubs between the Limes will be cut back and over grown Hornbeams and self-seeded trees within the line will be removed.