Hale Road Allotments

Situated on the right hand side of Hale Road towards the windmill, Hale Road Allotments in Swavesey were set up on Saturday 6 October 2012, on the site of a former arable field.

The plots 120918

The Plots 2018
The allotment site comprises of 61 plots, mostly 125 sq. metres (22m X 5.7m) in area, with some half-size plots at 63 sq metres. Members are permitted to have sheds on their plot. Eight water tanks, plumbed into the mains system, provide easy access to water for the use of the allotment members. There is also a waterless toilet with a solar-powered light on site, and cycle racks have been installed to encourage plot-holders to leave their car at home. We have also purchased a tractor mower to enable us to keep the inter-plot pathways looking neat. This is driven by a rota of plot-holding volunteers throughout the growing season.


The Site on 3rd September 2012
This field (and the adjoining farmland) was previously used as smallholdings for the community of Swavesey in the century between approximately 1870 and 1970, giving the new allotments an historical reference to the village.
Our plot holders consist of individuals, couples, families both with young and older children, retired, working and young persons who have found that large quantities of high quality vegetable, fruit and flower crops can be grown successfully with just a modicum of hard graft! The main thing is that all plot holders find that having an allotment plot and growing your own food is not only physically and mentally invigorating but also lots of fun.

Aerial photo 030918

Aerial view of Site on 3rd September 2018
The plots are currently fully subscribed, but anyone interested in joining the waiting list should contact Russell Fear on 01954 202846