Major Projects

2017 – Action Plan

Community Grants
Continued support of community groups, buildings and events, grant funding is available from the Parish Council for community projects.

Community (Public Open Space Areas)
Carters Way-Priory Avenue – consultation was carried out on a proposed design to improve the empty area in the middle of the houses.  The proposals were well received and it is hoped the project work will commence early spring.  The drainage under the area needs attention before any work can start and quotes and proposals are being obtained.
Recreation Green – Football has now resumed on the green following the major drainage works.  Work to maintain the drainage system will continue.
Recreation Green – A basketball hoop, goal-end wall and table tennis table will be provided on the recreation green during June 2017.

Market St – County Council consultation on the proposals for parking bays and additional yellow lines has now finished, with no objections raised.  The work is taking place during w/c 29th May 2017.
Ramper Rd – the Parish Council was successful in a bid to the County Council LHI Project for speed reduction measures on Ramper Rd, between the double bends and the built-up area, to reduce that section to 40mph, so slowing down vehicle speeds before entering the residential area. The new speed limit will be provided later this year.

Neighbourhood Plan – The Steering Group to take the Neighbourhood Plan project forward has been set up.  Detailed consultation with all village residents will take place during this year to identify the key areas for drafting the Plan Policies. Neighbourhood Plan
The Parish Council continues to make strong comments on each of the major development proposals which are coming forward on sites around the village.  Planning

2016-17 Action Plan

Community Grants
To support community groups and events within the village, the Parish Council will continue to award small grants towards clubs, activities and events.
The Council is currently drawing up a more formalised application process for the administration of these grants.

Community (Public Open Space) Areas
The Parish Council owns and is responsible for a number of public open space areas: Constable’s Rood Wildlife Area; Moat Way children’s play area; Carters Way/Priory Ave play & community area; The Recreation Green; Market Street Green; four village ponds; plus a few other smaller areas of grass/shrub open space.

Further improvements will be carried out to:

  • Moat Way children’s play area – Phase 2 – landscape maintenance to the grassed area  Update – August 2016 – planting has now taken place and Council is now considering a small fence around the plants to the back of the grassed area, in order to protect them from ball games.
  • Recreation Green – with grant funding, the installation of a pipe drainage scheme for the whole green  Update – April 2016 – This project is now complete
  • Carters Way-Priory Ave – refurbishment of the tarmac open space area. Update – August 2016 – draft design plans are currently being drawn up and residents consultation will take place in September.  Update – October 2016 – A consultation leaflet has now been distributed to residents in the area and posted to this website for all other village residents to comment on.
  • Annual maintenance of the village ponds, in association with local residents

Market Street – implementation of improvements to create parking bays, additional double yellow lines to provide safer parking and access, installation of cycle racks.  Update – August 2016 – we expect the County Council to advertise Traffic Regulation Orders to consult on the improvements during Sept/Oct.

Footpath to link Pine Grove Park to Boxworth End bus stop – through an application to the County Council’s Local Highway Improvement Scheme, we hope to provide a 50m section of footpath, to enable easier and safer access for elderly residents to the bus stop.  Update – April 2016 – Unfortunately the Parish Council was not successful in gaining CCC funding for this project.  The Parish Council will now investigate whether it can find funding to provide a footpath to the bus stop, which might entail moving the bus stop closer to the Pine Grove Park junction.

Parking issues – to continue discussions with the County Council, Primary School, Village College and Police to try and improve the parking situation and issues along High St, Middlewatch and Gibraltar Lane, particularly around the school start and finish times.

To continue strong discussions with The Environment Agency and South Cambs District Council with regard to Northstowe and the Land Drainage Scheme associated with the foul drainage from both Northstowe and Cambourne developments.

To continue to request further action from The Environment Agency with regard to flood risk protection for the village, in particular maintenance to the riverbank.

To continue to monitor the South Cambs District Council Local Plan investigation and ensure that future development within the village is sustainable and for the benefit of the village.

To set up and progress a Neighbourhood Plan for Swavesey (for more information please see the separate main Neighbourhood Plan page).